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The Life and Teachings of Hazarath Tajuddin Baba
Written by Pujya Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja
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Chapter - IV

Tajuddin The Master

Saints are direct witnesses to the glory of Godhead and the rewards of life lived in the pure spirit of the holy texts. They are a necessary phenomenon because, as though owing to some inherent twist in Man's nature, mankind had insisted on an persisted in misinterpreting even the simplest of holy teachings and perverting them in practice. Any and every feat religion preaches total and absolute dedication and love to God and His creatures and a pious and truthful life as the inevitable means of realizing the Truth of Godhead. But there is hardly any religion, which did not degenerate into an insincere adherence and impious life of untruth. Its is to correct this that saints are in constant need to appear amidst us to salvage as many people as possible to the proper path. Religion lives and rests on the shoulders of Saints.

..........Tajuddin Sarkar is one of the the foremost saints of Islam. He proved himself a pillar of piety when he declared on one occasion that he will make 1,25,000 saints before leaving this world. we know that saints do not die but are immortal and even their toms are potent spiritual forces capable of inspiring and guiding true seekers. This statement implies that till a 1,25,000 of his devotees become potent saints, his tomb will retain its power.

..........To make a saint of man is no joke. Merely inspiring faith through general oral preaching might make people believing; but to make them whole heartedly dedicate themselves to the spiritual quest, against all bondages, needs the constant care of a perfect saint. Tajuddin Sarkar was one such and it is interesting to note how well he rendered this duty to his disciples and thereby to the society at large.

.......... One Abdul Azeez was in search of a spiritual guide. Many peers tried to make a disciple of him but he did not easily submit to them. One day he saw a saint in his dream and described him to one of his friends. The latter told him that the description agreed with Hazarat Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur and recounted the miracles that took place at the lunatic asylum and at Sakardara. Then Abdul Azeez yearned to meet Tajuddin Baba and went to Waki in 1908.

..........When Azeez arrived, Tajuddin Sarkar was sitting under a tree. On seeing Azeez, Tajuddin Sarkar picked up a blade of grass from the ground and inscribed with it, the full name of Azeez on his own lap and smiled at him. Azeez wondered how the fakir knew his name. This incident developed spontaneous faith in him. He stayed for days at Waki and he understood that by inscribing his name on lap, Tajuddin Sarkar accepted him as his spiritual child i.e., he agreed to be his spiritual guide or nurse. As days passed, his faith in the Baba grew intense.

..........Tajuddin, in moments of spiritual exaltation or ecstasy, exhibited uncontrollable anger and even beat people. Devotees knew that the beating was really a form of blessing. On such occasion the devotees took one pious lady Mariambi Ammasaheb before him; for on seeing he he used to calm down.

......... Azeez was the witness of one such of Huzoor Tajuddin's moods. Tajuddin sarkar was very angry and his face was aglow with a mysterious radiance. He did not calm down even though the pious lady was brought before him and, in fact, started beating her also. After a few moments he grew calm, went to Azeez and taking the latter's hand in his, recited the verse, " Who ever comes and becomes your disciple becomes a disciple of God Himself. God's hand will ever be on such a disciple's hand. The hand of God will be there in the days to see. Even the one, who takes tobait( deeksha or initiation ) today, is your disciple. The hand of this Sheikh being yours, is also benign". Thus the great saint accepted Azeez as his disciple and renamed him "Nasiruddin". Nasiruddin stayed for a long time in the presence of Tajuddin. Later he also became famous as a saint.

.........How literally true and complete is Baba Saheb's teaching; One morning Huzoor Tajuddin was sitting at the main gate at Sakardara. He wore a long overall at that time. One Karim Baba went to him at about 5 p.m and prostrated before him. Tajuddin asked him," How do I look now?" Karim said," You shine bright in the glory of God." Then Tajuddin Sarkar stripped himself completely naked and repeated the same question. Karim answered, " You shine in the majesty of God". Tajuddin then kept the hand - leaves of his garment in Karims hand and said," Hold fast ! You need fear nothing either here or hereafter.". So saying he would the rest of the shirts around Karim's head. Then he put some sweetmeat in his hand and said. " This is the gift of marriage." Thus Tajuddin gave Karim a unique place among his disciples.

........Stranger still is the manner in which Baba Tajuddin blessed Fateh Muhammed Shah with sainthood. The latter came from Afganisthan and loved in a village mosque at Darva in Yeotmal District. He used to be immersed in meditation day and night and he used to be in a mystic trance. It was said that Tajuddin had sent him there.

........earlier, he attended on Baba Tajuddin at the lunatic asylum. At that time Tajuddin Baba once said regarding that cell in the asylum. "This place will never be vacant." His words came literally true. For when he left the asylum, he kept Fateh Shah there in his place and latter too became a famous saint. After Tajuddin Baba left this world Raja Raghoji Rao tried to get Fateh Shah also released from the asylum and prayed him to go over to Sakardara in the place of Baba Tajuddin. Fateh Shah replied, " That place should be approached on one's head. Do you wish to make me there so soon?" Superficially the statement means that Tajuddin's place is so exalted that it amounts to blasphemy if one walks thither on his legs. Fateh Shah continued to live in the asylum till the end, after his demise, his body was brought to Tajuddin's place (Tajabad). Perhaps Fateh Shah's words also signified this going of his to Tajabad, i.e., carried on the heads of his followers after death ! He might also have meant that it is not possible for others to attain the exalted spiritual state of Tajuddin Baba before the falling off of one's body.

.........Once Hazarat Hisamuddin wished that Tajuddin should take him as his disciple even while he was sitting at his own home. That night he saw Sarkar Tajuddin in his dream. The latter was seated near a tank of water and was washing his feet, as Muslims do, before performing Namaz. The water in which he dipped his leg was illuminating every spot on which it fell ! Next morning Hisamuddin contemplated on the significance of his dream and concluded that Baba Tajuddin and accepted his as his disciple. However, later in the day, he approached the Baba and verbally expressed his wish. Immediately Tajuddin Baba replied, " The meeting took place last night. it it not enough?" Hisamuddin was surprised and overjoyed at his words. This time he made a silent petition." Now that you have accepted me as your disciple, give me a sign of it!" Immediately Tajuddin Baba turned to him and said, "evidence? That will be given by Khwaja Hasa Nizami ! "

.........Hazarat Nizami was famous saint of Delhi, the pontiff of the seat of Khwaja Nizamuddin Chisti, a medieval Sufi saint. Hisamuddin was surprised to note that Tajuddin Baba was spiritually connected with saint Nizmi. But the next moment he was assailed by a doubt: " Is Nizami, to whom Baba Tajuddin is directing me, equally a perfect saint?" So he immediately thought of testing him. He wrote a letter to Delhi in a very ambiguous tone - " I am ordered to become your disciple. Let me knew when I should come to you ". He did not sign it, nor did he mention his address therein. Yet, after some days, he received a reply from Hazarat Nizami which was follows.: " Hisamuddin, you come here in accordance with the order of Baba Tajuddin. Hazarat Nizamuddin's monthly festival falls on 17the of every month. Come and take the vow on that day." This letter confirmed the Omniscience of Nizami and also his close alliance with Baba Tajuddin. He went to Delhi. When he entered the Dargah ( mausoleum ) of Hazarat Nizamuddin the first Nizami, the then pontiff of the shrine called him by his name without being introduced to him by anybody and said, " Hisamuddin,have you come? Take the vow tomorrow morning". The next day he became the disciple of Nizam !.

.......One of the disciples of Huzoor Baba who blossomed into a famous saint is Hazarat Khadar Valli Baba of Vizianagaram ( Andhra Pradesh ). His pious parents descended of a royal family of Trichinapalli and they settled at Vijayanagaram. His paternal uncle is said to have lived as fakir and endowed with miraculous powers at Visakhapatnam.

.......Khadar Shah was born in 1900 and he seemed to be under divine protection since his infancy. He was mysteriously saved from a ferocious cobras by a wild mongoose and the house in which he was left sleeping escaped singularly from a fire that burnt down all the neighboring huts. Everyone who was cruel to the boy suffered almost immediate retribution. As a boy he was charmed by the tales of saints and Godmen belonging to all religions. As a pupil of high school he realised the futility of a mere bread winning education and was convinced that spiritual perfection is the genuine object of life. He grew indifferent to play, school books, kinsfolk and even to the comforts of his body. He spent more of the time pondering over the way of attaining spiritual perfection. His father being of a religious bent knew the stuff of which his boy was made and never interfered with him. A few years latter, when a flourishing business firm tried to lure the boy with tempting offer of a job, his father reminded him that he was destined for a different role in life. Later, one day, he told Khadar Shah to offer five copper coins to five fakirs and to fulfill the vow he made to Baba Tajuddin and concluded, " This evening, I shall go away. Take good care of your self." That evening the pious old man passed away quite peacefully.

........Now Khadar Shah's mind was pining to contact a perfect saint that could show him the way to inner perfection and was perplexed by the countless hypocrites that pretend to be masters of spiritual knowledge in the society. At that time a devotee of Baba Tajuddin, one Hazarat Baba visited Vijayanagaram to spread his master's message of divine love in that area. Khadar Baba heard his discourse and, shortly after, visited Nagpur.

.......At first sight of the great saint, Khadar wondered how a mad, nacked, fakir like Baba Tajuddin, who heaped foulest abuse on his visitors could be master of spiritual wisdom. Tajuddin Baba went off driving his horse-drawn coach, heaping abuse on the crowds of devotees that ran after it. Khadar Shah stayed behind to answer nature's call and to finish his daily routine. When he was walking towards a secluded spot, Tajuddin mysteriously appeared before him and demanded, " What is your doubt? Why do you falter like this" There is no scope for any doubts ! " and vanished mysteriously before he could pull himself together sufficiently.

.......Next day Khadar Baba, Hazarat Baba and other disciples were seated around Baba Tajuddin. The latter, suddenly turning to Hazarat Baba, commanded him, " Lay a few stitches to that soft robe". Hazarat Baba at once went out to obey the order. Khadar Baba followed him and said: " Baba's order is cryptic. He means that a wealthy man. soft as the robe, is soon to arrive and that you have to receive him and say a few words of wisdom to him ". Hazarat Baba could not understand how the Baba's words could ever be interpreted in that manner. But soon a wealthy man arrived in his car, with precious gifts in silver plates. When Hazarat Baba received them and took him to Huzoor Baba the latter said to the disciple," Can't you understand unless the visitor from Vijayanagaram( i.e., Khadar Shah) explains it ? " .

.......Among Huzoor Baba disciples was one Jabalpur Baba. He was an embodiment of dispassion right from his infancy. One day he was expounding religious wisdom to a group of devout visitors. When his eyes fell on young Khadar who stood in a corner, he went into a sudden ecstasy, and prostrating before the young man, he muttered, " Show me your power, holy one ! " Young Khadar was frightened at the crazy gesture and quietly left the scene. Later when the disciples approached Huzoor Baba, he turned to Jabalpur Baba and said: " Do you wish to see my power? " Do you suspect my mystic powers? " Every one realised that the great saint identified himself with young Khadar shah.

........On other occasion, Hazarat Baba ordered Khadar Shah to cut wood for fuel and the later obeyed. But his hands were sore with that unwonted labor. When Hazarat Baba met Huzur Saheb, the latter burst of, " You rascal, see how my hands are sore ! Do you order me to cut Wood? "

........Strange it may seem but the young Khadar did not speak a word to the Master even after three days of his stay in Nagpur. Early in the morning, on the fourth day, Khadar dreamt that he saw two big chests and their keys being handed to him ! He opened the chests and found one of them to be fall and the other half-full of sacred books. Soon Khadar woke up and found Hazarat Tajuddin standing by his side. An old woman who was cleaning the place also saw the Baba and called out to the other disciples who were still asleep. But Huzoor Baba at once disappeared. Later Khadar Baba innocently recounted his strange experience to fellow disciple Hazarat Baba. When he later approached Huzoor Baba, the latter said: " Child, you should never disclose such to others. However, do not fear ! " and blessed him with a smile.

.......Soon Khadar Shah returned to Vizianagaram and devoted himself to severe spiritual exercises and he soon became famous as a holy saint. Countless people flocked to him fro spiritual and material succor and even today, long after he left off his physical form, devotees continue to experience his powerful blessing. Baba Khadar Valli is one of the lights that the supreme saint Baba Tajuddin had gifted to mankind. And the worthy disciple, in his own turn, has disciples of renown in several parts of the country.

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