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The Life and Teachings of Hazarath Tajuddin Baba
Written by Pujya Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja
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Chapter - VII

"This shop of spiritual wisdom spread by me is such that
the more you acqire from it the nearer you would be to the Divine self."

The Teachings of Baba Tajuddin

A Perfect saint lives in his teaching. In this chapter we shall note some of his teachings to spiritual aspirants.

..............A little after Raja Raghoji Rao had brought Hazarat Baba Tajuddin to Sakardara ( now known as Raghoji Nagar ) about the year 1908, a Sadhu visited him. The Sadhu had a bag around his neck. It contained small bottles of medicines.

..............In those days Huzoor Baba mostly remained in a state of Samadhi(ecstasy) and whenever he returned from hat state he used to answer the questions and prayers amide to him by the devotees who thronged round him in thousands. He hardly gave a few minutes to the devotees and used to return to the state of Samadhi. On some occasions he used to leave the palace and roam about in the close -by jungles and fields . Baba Saheb advised the Sadhu to live in a small village and devote himself to prayers all the 24 hours in a day without forgetting the omnipresence of God for a single moment. Baba Saheb told him, " The real path for a devotee to realise God is service to Humanity, and you are given this service by me." He then recited a couplet which means: The only way to realise God is service of Humanity. Merely putting on the garb of a Sadhu or Fakir, merely uttering the daily Puja and Namaz cannot lead one to God Realization". Baba Saheb also told him: " If you succeed in removing the misery even of a single man, this noble act of yours is a thousand times better than going to Haj and performing Namaz at each stop during the course of the pilgrimage." Why? He added: " The best Haj or Pilgrimage for a devotee is to win one's heart by serving him. Because man's heart is a thousand times better than Kaba ( holy place at Mecca )."

.............Before quoting the teachings it may be worthwhile to point out that his teachings were quite synonymous with those of the Gita and Quran Shariff. These teachings are reproduced below.

.............An Arab saint came to Baba Saheb in 1920 at Sakardara to receive his blessings. At the time of his meeting, Baba Saheb was walking briskly to and fro near the place. Finding an opportunity to be near to Baba Saheb, the Arab Saint followed behind him and all the while uttered Darud Shariff in honour of prophet Mohammed. Baba Saheb suddenly turned round and said to him, " control thy desires; then alone thou shall get Light to tread on the Divine path to attain God. All miseries and obstacles befall a man through mortal desires; particularly lust fro woman; otherwise life is only Bliss and Bliss".

.............At another place Baba Saheb told him, " He alone is a man, indeed, who has conquered all human desires and anger. In the path of Divinity these two are man's foremost enemies. Anger and lust for woman make a man blind. There is no other way out for man but to conquer these deadly enemies if one wants to tread on the path of divinity and attain God".

............Similar instructions were also given to many Sadhus and Fakirs, who had the good fortune of seeing him in that period. Karim Baba narrates how he was taught by Huzoor Baba:

............A Saint from Jhansi visited Baba Saheb at Sakardara. He used to stay with Kareem Baba. They always discussed Vedanta. " Once I questioned him if he could show me an easy way to attain Salvation. He told me to recite the name of Huzoor Baba Saheb viz., Tajuddin, Tajuddin in a Kabrastan(Graveyard). Being interested in the path I started visiting a Kabrastan. On the third day, I could hear the angry voice of Baba Saheb. When I opened my eyes, there was none. I could hear the some voice again when when I started the Japa again by closing my eyes. I got nervous and left the place and reached Sakardara late. AT about 3 a.m. I saw Baba Saheb standing near my hut. As i went quite close to him he uttered," Who asked you to dig out big big mountains?" he then gave me a match box saying, why do you knock about here and there?" He also spoke out a few more words, which i could not follow. There upon i spoke to him within my mind itself, " Huzoor, I could not understand you". No sooner I uttered these words in my mind than Huzoor Saheb slapped me saying, " Why pretend ignorance?" Thereafter, taking a shawl from one bystander, he gave me one end of it by holding the other one himself and asked me to spread it out on the ground and said, " This is a shop". He then read out a couplet: " This shop of spiritual wisdom spread by me is such that the more you acquire from it the nearer you would be to the divine self." He added, " He is within my heart which is in His Hands just in the same manner this mirror is in my hand in which i can see my face"; "He exists in my heart (which is a mirror) whenever I have a glimpse of Him. I have a glimpse of Him. I have only to look within and the Divine self is seen crystal clear." He further recited : " Oh Ignorant ! Why roam about unnecessarily here and there? The mirror you carry within you carries the Beloved in it" and,

" Thou art the Earthen cup, Thou art the potter,
Thou art the soil of which the cup is made,
Thou alone drineth of that cup, and
Thou alone purchaseth the earthen cup, and then
Thou alone destryeth the cup and departeth."

...............Once he said, " One who sees himself and realises who he is and does not stop there but goes on his quest for Truth and knowledge(divine) till he becomes perfect, he realises God". At another place he has said, "If you want to see God, the only way out is to know yourself ".

..............Huzoor Baba Saheb always taught his disciples and devotees to practice breath control and taught the simplest methods od practice in Yoga and Bhakthi. He often taught, " Recite the name of God with each breath you inhale and exhale by keeping the image of your master fixed before your mental eyes."

.............If you have accepted your master in real faith by surrendering all your desires at his feet then you know without doubt that you have attained both God and Prophet Mohammed. Why? Because there is nothing in this 'Seen and Unseen' world which your master cannot bestow on you in a twinkle, at his sweet will and at any moment he likes." He further makes it clear by reciting the verse: " To live in this world always feeling the pangs of your ( God's) separation and leave this world out of sheer Love for you is real martyrdom." To follow thy path is the real real path to Heavens."

............"To see and hear you alone, to forget one's own existence (or identity) in your deep and sincere Love is Shariyat, Marifat, Ahle Tarikat".

..........."Thy sweet remembrance at each breath, keeping thy image always before the mental eyes is the real Bhakti. He further says: " perch on thy heart in the same manner as a bird perches on its egg. This practice alone will transform thee and give thee wonderful experiences."

...........In the Quran Shariff there is praise for that man who always keeps himself composed both in pleasure and pain.

...........Neither I get overjoyed in happiness, nor do i sink within my heart in unhappiness. I keep such strength of mind that visitations by happy and unhappy moments meant nothing to me but visits by guests who came, stayed a while, and departed."

.........."Complete renunciation of freedom from desires is the real path for a fakir (saint). If you surrender yourself at the feet of God in this way and solely depend on His will, then rest assured. He will take care of you in all respects and bestow on you everything on earth and Heaven irrespective of whether you crave for them or not."

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