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            April 12th is one of the very significant dates in the hearts of Sai Master devotees, as it has left an everlasting sense of happiness as it is clear to us now that the Master is available everywhere. We are blessed to feel his true glory as the experiences that he is giving to his devotees has become the beacon of hope in our hearts that he is still there. He is such a great boon to mankind that he provided means for each and every one of us to reach divinity. From modern science and biology to social studies to Buddhism and to the lives of masters'. Acharya has given us an encyclopedia of "How to" in spirituality. Through his presence in his mortal frame he taught by example as to how a devotee of Sai should be. He showed the world how an ideal citizen would be. His life is a living Bhagavadgita.

As great as he is, it is only natural for him to look like a humble layman. Irony it is that no layman is as humble as one should be. While he was gracing us with his physical presence, our ignorance has blinded many of us from truly understanding his spiritual glory. His life was an epitome of ‘Sanathana Dharma’. In it, we can see an ideal human being, an ideal spiritual enthusiast, an ideal family man, an ideal devotee, an ideal scientist and ideal guru.

His leelas have grown in number and in potency after he left his physical abode. His omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence are all the more visible. His devotees are now seeing him both physically and subtly. To the ardent, he is now the closest. To the seeker, he is the biggest boon. To the poor he is the deliverer. To the sinner, he is the reliever. To the thirsty, he is the nectar. And to the devotee HE IS THE MASTER. Today we celebrate 16th anniversary of the divine event when Master left his physical frame. That day, for many of us ignorant ones, it was a day of grief, but now for all of us it is a day of remembrance, motivation, consolation and liberation. Today we pray to the lotus feet of the Master to grace our hearts and to stay there for ever. We pray that the world be a better place. We pray that each and every one of us be blessed so that we all can drink the ambrosia that he is.

Today let us all say JAI SAI MASTER. Today let us all say JAI SAI MASTER. For ever let us all say

__Jai Sai Master__