A Tribute to The Master
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            It is no exaggeration to say that Pujya Acharya Ekkirala Bharadwaja, who is fondly called as ‘Master’ is known to every Sai devotee. Inspite of being born in theistic and traditional family, Master E.B. doubted the very traditional doctrine and continuously indulged himself in the Quest for Truth thus setting an ideal example to both the theistic and atheistic sessions of the society. In his quest for Truth, he analysed modern science and proved the existence of God in a scientific manner and thus became a bacon of light to the students of the present day and to the very system of education. His works in Telugu viz. "Edi Nijam" (What is reality?), "Matham Enduku?" ("Why Religion"), Vignana Veechikalu ("Waves of Scientific Knowledge") amply prove that the moral and spiritual values can be imparted to the youth even through Scientific Education of today.

In his natural quest for truth, he intensively studied religious scriptures on Hinduism, Buddism, Islam,Christianity and Tao; and also the lives and teachings of saints of these religions. After a thourough research, he started thinking as to why the finer aspects of all these religions did not culminate into one divine manifestation so far. With this agitating query in mind, Master happened to visit Shirdi and did find an answer by the Grace of Lord Sai which he experienced there immensely in his very first visit. After two decades of intense research on the life of Sri Sai, Master enlightened the world that Sri Sai Baba is an unparellelled Saint in the very history of mankind. We shall witness in the days to come, the impact of Master’s works on the people across the continents, which has already started in some parts of the world today.

The youth,on proper study of modern science get converted into earnest seekers of Truth which in turn helps them to develop a complete and comprehensive outlook towards life. Such youth on studying the life and teachings of Sri Sai, which is the harmonious blend of all religious, realise that this entire universe is the manifestation of Sadguru (i.e. Spiritual Master ) and thus lead to the wiping out of communal and religious differences in the society. If it is understood that each one of us is a manifestation of God, then the people can lead affectionate, ethical and happy life. Reverred Master says that there is no other alternative beyond this to reinculcate moral values into the mankind of today. He has dedicated his entire life towards this goal. As per an ancient spiritual tradition (Arsha Dharma), the quest of an earnest spiritual seeker will not be strengthened unless he visits Purna Purusha ( i.e. Perfect Person). This is again relived in the Master’s life and works.

Through Master E.B., Sri Sai is conveying to the society that Sri Gurucharitra Parayana (reading) is undoubtedly a means to seek the Grace and association of Holy saints Master’s works on great saints have given invaluable insight to many a spiritual seeker.

According to Master E.B., there are a good number of people in this world who have no spiritual bent of mind and who are ignorant of the very spiritual quest. It is our prime duty to morally awaken them and untill there is transformation in them, we all have an atonement. Without giving any weightage to our likes and dislikes and without getting bogged down by any amount of difficulties, each one of us should undertake to propogate Baba’s philosophy and his preachings, says Master. According to a Sanskrit verse "Swadhyaya Pravachanabhyam Napramaditavyam .." i.e. "to know what is not known and without any laxity, it should be made known to the unknown (people)". The above doctrine was practised and preached thoroughly by Master thus leading to a new school of thought.

Master clearly emphasised that he who experiences and demonstrates that the entire universe is his form only, the entire universe is his form only, just as Sri Sai proved, can only be called as Spiritual Masters or Spiritual Guides. Thus the very desire of projecting oneself as Masters for the sake of name and fame without attaining self realization, is being nipped in the bud itself by the Master.

Master cautions us that when there are great saints who even after attaining Mahasamadhi are still blessing their devotees both materialistically and spiritually, people for mere fullfilment of desires and hardships are still running after fake masters for initiation etc., which is suicidal to the society. Master works authoritatively prove that miracles, spirit processing, fortune telling are all simply deviating the mankind from the true spiritual path. He gives no scope for baseless allegations against theism.

According to Master, repeated parayana (reading) of the life and teachings of various incarnations of Lord Datta and constant craving for grace and association of holy saints will definitely lead to come and this should be the ultimate goal of each one of us.

Finally, Master showed us the very way to see the ultimate Truth from the point of view of modern science on one hand and from the point of view of eternal reality on the other and also from the angle of different religious traditions.

__Jai Sai Master__